How to Counter Your Opponent’s Flyff PvP Tactics

Flyff, or Fly for Fun, is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that boasts a strong player versus player (PvP) community. In this game mode, players battle it out in arenas or free-for-all zones to show off their skills and earn rewards. However, with competition comes strategies and tactics that can make gameplay challenging and frustrating. It is essential to have an arsenal of counter-moves to defeat your opponent’s strategies. In this article, we will discuss how to counter your opponent’s Flyff PvP tactics.

1. Know your opponent’s preferred tactics

The first step to countering your opponent’s Flyff PvP tactics is to identify their strategy. Every player has preferred strategies and tactics they rely on to win battles. For example, some players use flyff PvP the hit-and-run technique, while others prefer to go for the one-hit-kill. Kiting, baiting, and crowd control tactics are also common. Learn which tactics your opponent uses the most and how they execute them.

1.1. Bait and Switch

One of the primary tactics in Flyff PvP is the bait and switch where a player baits their opponent into a trap while setting themselves up for a powerful strike. Most baiting techniques rely on the nature of the player that is being baited. Most newer players will tend to act on impulse and attack the bait without thinking twice. One of the ways to counter this is to learn how to recognize a bait and wait until the opportune moment to attack. Another way is to wear your opponent out and force them into making rash decisions.

1.2 Crowd control

Crowd control (CC) is another way players try to gain an upper hand in Flyff PvP. The goal is to immobilize their opponent for a short period, leaving them vulnerable to other attacks. This tactic can be countered by having good mobility skills. As soon as the opponent immobilizes you, use mobility skills to get out of range. Another way to counter CC is to not rely on physical attacks and use range attacks to keep a safe distance.

1.3 Kiting

Kiting involves maintaining a safe distance from your opponent while hitting them with ranged attacks. It’s a particularly tough tactic to counter because it requires a lot of skill to execute effectively. The best way to counter this technique is to use Crowd Control and lock your opponent in place.

1.4 Tanking

Tanking is a tactic that involves taking a lot of hits while dealing out a lot of damage in return. It is an efficient way to win PvP battles, but the weakness is that the player has to be static. Countering a tank requires teamwork. Work together with your friends to CC the tank and deal damage from several angles.

2. Be versatile with your skillset

Once you have identified your opponent’s preferred tactic, it is time to adapt and be versatile with your skillset. Having a couple of PvP builds that complement each other is an excellent strategy to stay ahead of your opponent. Players who rely on a single build or set of skills become predictable, which makes it easier for their opponent to counter. For example, if your opponent likes to kite, create a build that includes range attacks and high mobility skills. On the other hand, if your opponent likes to come close for melee combat, create a build that focuses on Crowd Control and damage over time.

3. Stay unpredictable

In PvP, unpredictability is key. Try not to repeat the same technique or pattern in every match. Players who are too predictable are easy to counter. Being unpredictable can be as simple as using a different combo of skills for each battle, changing your approach depending on the scenario, or using different items and buffs.

4. Focus on Survival

Survival should be a primary factor in any PvP battle. Players who can stay alive longer have more time to counter their opponent’s tactics. Make sure to equip gear that has a high defense or evasion rating, and use consumables such as health potions and scrolls to keep your health up. High health recovery items such as Health Fruits are also great to have during a PvP fight.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any game mode, practice is essential. The more time a player spends practicing their PvP skills, the better they become. Join a PvP guild or practice with friends to hone your strategies and tactics. Remember, there is always room for improvement, so don’t shy away from constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement.


Flyff PvP can be exhilarating, but it can also be frustrating when you can’t seem to counter your opponent’s tactics. The key to countering your opponent’s Flyff PvP tactics is to know their preferred strategy, be versatile with your skillset, focus on survival, and practice. Use these tips to turn the tables on your opponent and come out victorious in every PvP battle.