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Welcome to Health claims news

It can be very uncertain dealing with health claims. Take a few minutes and fill out our quick and easy health claims form. We'll aid you to assess your claim and chances of compensation, in a way that is efficient and friendly.

Once our consultants have examined your claim details with you, if your claim is approved it will be handled by one of our solicitors. If you wish home visits can be sorted out to examine your claim with you.

Our consultants are friendly and approachable and will help as much as they are able - but they are not lawyers and are there to help you.

Am I owed any compensation? If you have been in an accident which wasn’t your fault within the last 2 years you could be entitled to compensation. Details submitted to us via the web form will be judged by one of our solicitors who will assess your chances.

Do I really need a lawyer? The laws governing compensation are tricky and insurance teams use highly experienced professionals to deal with and negotiate claims.

We highly recommend that any person involved in an Injury claim use the experience of a Personal Injury Solicitor who knows this part of the law and can stand for your interest. We simply use solicitors who specialise in this area of the law.

Many firms offer their clients an efficient and kind compensation service for health claims. We try to obtain maximum compensation for our clients with a minimum of hassle and delay.

-Free first consultation

-No win and no fee claim service.

-Hospital and home visits are available.

-Your attendance at our office is not always necessary as we can follow your claim by phone and correspondence.

-We work with a wide range of health claims from minor to complex cases involving big awards for compensation. We lately obtained compensation for a client worth £450,000.

If you have suffered health injury (which was not your fault), due out of the following types of accident:-

o Accidents at work

o Road traffic accidents

o Slip & trip

o Criminal injuries

Get in touch.

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